Chapter 14. Network Interfaces

Chapter 14. Network Interfaces

14.1. Network Configuration Files
14.2. Interface Configuration Files
14.2.1. Ethernet Interfaces
14.2.2. IPsec Interfaces
14.2.3. Channel Bonding Interfaces
14.2.4. Alias and Clone Files
14.2.5. Dialup Interfaces
14.2.6. Other Interfaces
14.3. Interface Control Scripts
14.4. Configuring Static Routes
14.5. Network Function Files
14.6. Additional Resources
14.6.1. Installed Documentation

Under Red Hat Enterprise Linux, all network communications occur between configured software interfaces and physical networking devices connected to the system.

The configuration files for network interfaces are located in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ directory. The scripts used to activate and deactivate these network interfaces are also located here. Although the number and type of interface files can differ from system to system, there are three categories of files that exist in this directory:

  1. Interface configuration files

  2. Interface control scripts

  3. Network function files

The files in each of these categories work together to enable various network devices.

This chapter explores the relationship between these files and how they are used.

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