4.5. Configuring Software RAID

4.5. Configuring Software RAID

Users can configure Software RAID during the graphical installation process (Disk Druid), the text-based installation process, or during a kickstart installation.This chapter covers Software RAID configuration during the installation process using the Disk Druid application.


Although this procedure covers installating with a GUI application, system administrators can do the same with text-based installation.

Configuration of software RAID must be done manually in Disk Druid during the installation process.

These examples use two 9.1 GB SCSI drives (/dev/sda and /dev/sdb) to illustrate the creation of simple RAID1 configurations. They detail how to create a simple RAID 1 configuration by implementing multiple RAID devices.

On the Disk Partitioning Setup screen, select Manually partition with Disk Druid.

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