24.5.1. Procmail Configuration

24.5.1. Procmail Configuration

The Procmail configuration file contains important environmental variables. These variables specify things such as which messages to sort and what to do with the messages that do not match any recipes.

These environmental variables usually appear at the beginning of .procmailrc in the following format:


In this example, <env-variable> is the name of the variable and <value> defines the variable.

There are many environment variables not used by most Procmail users and many of the more important environment variables are already defined by a default value. Most of the time, the following variables are used:

Other important environmental variables are pulled from the shell, such as LOGNAME, which is the login name; HOME, which is the location of the home directory; and SHELL, which is the default shell.

A comprehensive explanation of all environments variables, as well as their default values, is available in the procmailrc man page.

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