3.3.5. /proc/ide/

3.3.5. /proc/ide/

This directory contains information about IDE devices on the system. Each IDE channel is represented as a separate directory, such as /proc/ide/ide0 and /proc/ide/ide1. In addition, a drivers file is available, providing the version number of the various drivers used on the IDE channels:

ide-floppy version 0.99.
newide ide-cdrom version 4.61 
ide-disk version 1.18

Many chipsets also provide a file in this directory with additional data concerning the drives connected through the channels. For example, a generic Intel PIIX4 Ultra 33 chipset produces the /proc/ide/piix file which reveals whether DMA or UDMA is enabled for the devices on the IDE channels:

Intel PIIX4 Ultra 33 Chipset. 
------------- Primary Channel ---------------- Secondary Channel -------------                  
		enabled                          enabled 
------------- drive0 --------- drive1 -------- drive0 ---------- drive1 ------ 
DMA enabled:    yes              no              yes               no  
UDMA enabled:   yes              no              no                no  
UDMA enabled:   2                X               X                 X 

Navigating into the directory for an IDE channel, such as ide0, provides additional information. The channel file provides the channel number, while the model identifies the bus type for the channel (such as pci).

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