20.10.1. Simple smb.conf Settings

20.10.1. Simple smb.conf Settings

The following example shows a very basic smb.conf configuration for CUPS support:

load printers = Yes 
printing = cups 
printcap name = cups  
comment = All Printers 
path = /var/spool/samba/print 
printer = IBMInfoP 
browseable = No 
public = Yes 
guest ok = Yes 
writable = No 
printable = Yes 
printer admin = @ntadmins  
comment = Printer Drivers Share 
path = /var/lib/samba/drivers 
write list = ed, john 
printer admin = ed, john

Other printing configurations are also possible. To add additional security and privacy for printing confidential documents, users can have their own print spooler not located in a public path. If a job fails, other users would not have access to the file.

The print$ share contains printer drivers for clients to access if not available locally. The print$ share is optional and may not be required depending on the organization.

Setting browseable to Yes enables the printer to be viewed in the Windows Network Neighborhood, provided the Samba server is set up correctly in the domain/workgroup.

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