Global File System

Global File System

Red Hat Global File System

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May 2008

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Revision 5.2-5 Tue Mar 15 2008 Michael Hideo
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This book provides information about installing, configuring, and maintaining Red Hat GFS (Red Hat Global File System) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2.

1. Audience
2. Related Documentation
3. Document Conventions
4. Feedback
1. GFS Overview
1.1. New and Changed Features
1.2. Performance, Scalability, and Economy
1.2.1. Superior Performance and Scalability
1.2.2. Economy and Performance
1.3. GFS Software Components
1.4. Before Setting Up GFS
2. Getting Started
2.1. Prerequisite Tasks
2.2. Initial Setup Tasks
3. Managing GFS
3.1. Creating a File System
3.2. Mounting a File System
3.3. Unmounting a File System
3.4. Displaying GFS Tunable Parameters
3.5. GFS Quota Management
3.5.1. Setting Quotas
3.5.2. Displaying Quota Limits and Usage
3.5.3. Synchronizing Quotas
3.5.4. Disabling/Enabling Quota Enforcement
3.5.5. Disabling/Enabling Quota Accounting
3.6. Growing a File System
3.7. Adding Journals to a File System
3.8. Direct I/O
3.8.1. O_DIRECT
3.8.2. GFS File Attribute
3.8.3. GFS Directory Attribute
3.9. Data Journaling
3.10. Configuring atime Updates
3.10.1. Mount with noatime
3.10.2. Tune GFS atime Quantum
3.11. Suspending Activity on a File System
3.12. Displaying Extended GFS Information and Statistics
3.12.1. Displaying GFS Space Usage
3.12.2. Displaying GFS Counters
3.12.3. Displaying Extended Status
3.13. Repairing a File System
3.14. Context-Dependent Path Names

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