Chapter 14. Troubleshooting Installation on an IBM POWER System

Chapter 14. Troubleshooting Installation on an IBM POWER System

14.1. You are Unable to Boot Red Hat Enterprise Linux
14.1.1. Is Your System Displaying Signal 11 Errors?
14.2. Trouble Beginning the Installation
14.2.1. Problems with Booting into the Graphical Installation
14.3. Trouble During the Installation
14.3.1. No devices found to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux Error Message
14.3.2. Saving Traceback Messages Without a Diskette Drive
14.3.3. Trouble with Partition Tables
14.3.4. Other Partitioning Problems for IBM™ POWER System Users
14.3.5. Are You Seeing Python Errors?
14.4. Problems After Installation
14.4.1. Unable to IPL from *NWSSTG
14.4.2. Booting into a Graphical Environment
14.4.3. Problems with the X Window System (GUI)
14.4.4. Problems with the X Server Crashing and Non-Root Users
14.4.5. Problems When You Try to Log In
14.4.6. Your Printer Does Not Work
14.4.7. Apache-based httpd service/Sendmail Hangs During Startup

This appendix discusses some common installation problems and their solutions.

You may also find the IBM Online Alert Section for System p and System i useful. It is located at:

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