13.1.1. So What Is Driver Media Anyway?

13.1.1. So What Is Driver Media Anyway?

Driver media can add support for hardware that may or may not be supported by the installation program. Driver media could include a driver diskette or image produced by Red Hat, it could be a diskette or CD-ROM you make yourself from driver images found on the Internet, or it could be a diskette or CD-ROM that a hardware vendor includes with a piece of hardware.

Driver media is used if you need access to a particular device to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Drivers can be used for network (NFS) installations, installations using a PCMCIA or block device, non-standard or very new CD-ROM drives, SCSI adapters, NICs, and other uncommon devices.


If an unsupported device is not needed to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux on your system, continue with the installation and add support for the new piece of hardware once the installation is complete.

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