17.3. Running the Installation Program

17.3. Running the Installation Program

After following the steps outlined in Chapter 16, Steps to Get You Started for booting an LPAR or VM system, ssh to the configured Linux install system on the IBM System z.

Although the text mode installation program is run by default for most installations, you can optionally run the graphical installation program available for both VM and LPAR installations via the NFS installation method.


If you have a slow network connection or prefer a text-based installation, do not set the DISPLAY= variable in the parm file. The text-based installation is similar to the graphical installation; however, the graphical installation offers more package selection details and other options not available in text-based installs. It is strongly recommended to use the graphical installation whenever possible.

To run the graphical installation, use a workstation that has an X Window System server or VNC client installed. Use an SSH client that allows X11 forwarding or a Telnet client. SSH is strongly recommended for its security features as well as its ability to forward X and VNC sessions. Enable X11 forwarding in your SSH client prior to connecting to the Linux image (the Linux guest running on z/VM).

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