13.1.2. How Do I Obtain Driver Media?

13.1.2. How Do I Obtain Driver Media?

Driver images can be obtained from several sources. They may be included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or they may be available from a hardware or software vendor's website. If you suspect that your system may require one of these drivers, you should create a driver diskette or CD-ROM before beginning your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation.


It is also possible to use a driver image via a network file. Instead of using the linux dd boot command, use the linux dd=url command, where url is replaced by an HTTP, FTP, or NFS address of the driver image to be used.

Another option for finding specialized driver information is on Red Hat's website at


under the section called Bug Fixes. Occasionally, popular hardware may be made available after a release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that does not work with drivers already in the installation program or included on the driver images on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux CD #1. In such cases, the Red Hat website may contain a link to a driver image.

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