17.3.1. Installation using X11 Forwarding

17.3.1. Installation using X11 Forwarding

For example, to connect to the Linux image and display the graphical installation program using OpenSSH with X11 forwarding on a Linux workstation, type the following at the workstation shell prompt:

ssh -X linuxvm.example.com

The -X option enables X11 forwarding.

The graphical installation program cannot be started if your DNS or hostnames are not set correctly, or the Linux image is not allowed to open applications on your display. You can prevent this by setting a correct DISPLAY= variable. Add the parameter DISPLAY=workstationname:0.0 in the parameter file, replacing workstationname with the hostname of the client workstation connecting to the Linux Image. Allow the Linux image to connect to the workstation using the command xhost +linuxvm on the local workstation.

If the graphical installation via NFS does not automatically begin for you, verify the DISPLAY= variable settings in the parm file. If performing a VM installation, rerun the installation to load the new parm file on the reader. Additionally, make sure when performing an X11 forwarded display that the X server is started on the workstation machine. Finally, make sure either the NFS, FTP or HTTP protocols are selected, as all 3 methods support graphical installations.

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