Chapter 12. Virtualized network devices

Chapter 12. Virtualized network devices

12.1. Configuring multiple guest network bridges to use multiple ethernet cards
12.2. Laptop network configuration

This chapter covers special topics for networking and network configuration with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization.

Most guest network configuration occurs during the guest initialization and installation process. To learn about configuring networking during the guest installation process, read the relevant sections of the installation process, Chapter 5, Installing guests.

Network configuration is also covered in the tool specific reference chapters for virsh(Chapter 20, Managing guests with virsh) and virt-manager(Chapter 21, Managing guests with Virtual Machine Manager(virt-manager)). Those chapters provide a detailed description of the networking configuration tasks using both tools.


Using para-virtualized network drivers can improve performance on fully virtualized Linux guests. Chapter 13, Introduction to Para-virtualized Drivers explains how to utilize para-virtualized network drivers.

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