22.2. The xm command line interface

22.2. The xm command line interface

The xm command is used to manage your Red Hat Virtualization environment using a CLI interface. Most operations can be performed by the virt-manager application, including a CLI interface which is part of virt-manager. However, there are a few operations which currently can not be performed using virt-manager. As the xm command is part of the Xen environment a few options available with the xm command will not work in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 environment. The list below provides an overview of command options available (and unavailable) in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 environment. As an alternative to using the xm command one can also use the virsh command which is provided as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Xen environment . The virsh command is layered on top of the libvirt API which can provide a number of benefits over using the xm command. Namely the ability to use virsh in scripts and the ability to manage other hypervisors as they are integrated into the libvirt API.

Basic management options

The following are basic and commonly used xm commands:

Resource management options

Use the following xm commands to manage resources:

Monitoring and troubleshooting options

Use the following xm commands for monitoring and troubleshooting:

Currently unsupported options

The xm vnet-list is currently unsupported.

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