6.3. Installing a Windows 2003 SP1 Server Guest as a fully-virtualized guest

6.3. Installing a Windows 2003 SP1 Server Guest as a fully-virtualized guest

virt-manager can install Windows XP as a fully-virtualized guest. However there are some extra steps which must be followed in order to complete the installation successfully. This section explains the installation process and extra steps needed to get Windows XP fully virtualized guests installed.

It may be easier to use virt-install for installing Windows Server 2003 as the console for the Windows guest will open quicker and allow for F5 to be pressed which is required to select a new HAL.

Itanium® support

Presently, Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts on the Itanium® architecture do not support fully virtualized windows guests. This section only applies to x86 and x86-64 hosts.

An example of using the virt-install for installing a Windows Server 2003 guest:

virt-install -hvm -s 5 -f /var/lib/xen/images/windows2003spi1.dsk -n windows2003sp1\
-cdrom=/xen/trees/ISO/WIN/en_windows_server_2003_sp1.iso -vnc -r 1024
  1. After starting your guest installation you need to quickly press F5, this opens a dialog window to select a different HAL or Computer Type. Choose Standard PC as the Computer Type:

  2. Continue with a normal Microsoft Windows Server 2003 installation:

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