29.1. Debugging and troubleshooting Red Hat Virtualization

29.1. Debugging and troubleshooting Red Hat Virtualization

This section summarizes the System Administrator applications, the networking utilities, and the Advanced Debugging Tools (for more information on using these tools to configure the Red Hat Virtualization services, see the respective configuration documentation). You can employ these standard System Administrator Tools and logs to assist with troubleshooting:

Useful commmands and applications for troubleshooting

xentop displays real-time information about a Red HAt Virtualization host system and it's domains.


Using the dmesg and log

sysstat iostat, mpstat and sar.

You can employ these Advanced Debugging Tools and logs to assist with troubleshooting:

These networking tools can assist with troubleshooting virtualization networking problems:

brctl is a networking tool that inspects and configures the ethernet bridge configuration in the Virtualization linux kernel. You must have root access before performing these example commands:

# brctl show 

bridge-name    bridge-id          STP  enabled  interfaces  
xenbr0             8000.feffffff       no        vif13.0
xenbr1             8000.ffffefff       yes       pddummy0
xenbr2             8000.ffffffef       no        vif0.0

# brctl showmacs xenbr0

port-no           mac-addr                  local?       aging timer

1                 fe:ff:ff:ff:ff:           yes            0.00
2                 fe:ff:ff:fe:ff:           yes            0.00

# brctl showstp xenbr0


bridge-id              8000.fefffffffff

designated-root        8000.fefffffffff

root-port              0                   path-cost             0

max-age                20.00               bridge-max-age        20.00

hello-time             2.00                bridge-hello-time     2.00

forward-delay          0.00                bridge-forward-delay  0.00

aging-time            300.01

hello-timer            1.43                tcn-timer             0.00

topology-change-timer  0.00                gc-timer              0.02

Other utilities which can be used to troubleshoot virtualization on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. All utilities mentioned can be found in the Server repositories of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Server distribution:

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