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11.  Dropped Packages

  • Group: System Environment/Daemons
  • Summary: CacheFiles userspace management daemon
  • Description:
    The cachefilesd daemon manages the caching files and directory that are
    that are used by network filesystems such a AFS and NFS to
    do persistent caching to the local disk.
  • Group: Development/System
  • Summary: Frysk execution analysis tool
  • Description:
    Frysk is an execution-analysis technology implemented using native Java and C++.
    It is aimed at providing developers and sysadmins with the ability to both
    examine and analyze running multi-host, multi-process, multi-threaded systems.
    Frysk allows the monitoring of running processes and threads, of locking
    primitives and will also expose deadlocks, gather data and debug any given
    process in the system.
  • Group: System Environment/Kernel
  • Summary: gfs2 kernel module
  • Description:
    GFS2 - The GFS2 filesystem provided for RHEL5.
  • Group: Development/Debuggers
  • Summary: Gathers system hardware and configuration information.
  • Description:
    Sysreport is a utility that gathers information about a system's
    hardware and configuration. The information can then be used for
    diagnostic purposes and debugging. Sysreport is commonly used to help
    support technicians and developers by providing a "snapshot" of a
    system's current layout.

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