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1.2.  OpenIPMI

1.2.1.  RHEA-2009:1312: bug fix and enhancement update

Updated OpenIPMI packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available.
OpenIPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) provides graphical and command line tools and utilities to access platform information, thus facilitating system management and monitoring for system administrators.
These updated packages upgrade OpenIPMI to upstream version 2.0.16 and ipmitool to version 1.8.11. (BZ#475542)
These updated OpenIPMI packages provide fixes for the following bugs:
  • some IPMI-enabled hardware makes use of UDP ports 623 (ASF Remote Management and Control Protocol) and 664 (ASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol), which corrupts other traffic on these ports, causing symptoms such as autofs mounts hanging. The OpenIPMI package provides a configuration file for xinetd that prevents other services from using these ports, so that they do not interfere with IPMI. On affected systems, the fix has to be enabled manually by setting "disabled = no" for the appropriate port(s) in /etc/xinetd.d/rmcp and (re)starting the xinetd service. (BZ#429329)
  • on the S/390 architecture, running "ipmicmd" to access the internal hash table of open connections caused the utility to segmentation fault. With this update, "ipmicmd" correctly handles the hash table and thus no longer crashes. (BZ#437013 )
  • the "rmcp_ping" utility did not perform checks on the arguments provided to it on the command line, and would accept invalid port numbers and/or start tags. (BZ#437256)
  • the ipmitool utility is shipped in the OpenIPMI-tools packages, and it was not possible to have other packages depend on "ipmitool" directly. These updated packages explicitly provide the "ipmitool" feature so that other packages are now able to reference it. (BZ#442784)
  • several libraries in the OpenIPMI packages contained unnecessary RPATH values, which have not been compiled in to these updated packages. (BZ#466119)
  • the OpenIPMI-devel packages contained manual pages which were already provided by the OpenIPMI packages and have therefore been removed from the OpenIPMI-devel packages. (BZ#466487)
  • the ipmievd daemon listens for events sent by the BMC to the SEL and logs those events to syslog. Previously, the OpenIPMI-tools package did not contain the init script for the "ipmievd" service. This init script is included in these updated packages. (BZ#469979)
  • previously, it was not possible to query "ipmitool" to determine whether SOL payloads were enabled or disabled for specific users. These updated packages introduce a new "ipmitool sol payload status" query that implements the "Gets User Payload Access Command" from the IPMI specification, thus allowing users' SOL payload access privileges to be queried. (BZ#470031)
  • the "ipmitool sel list" command displayed event IDs as hexadecimal numbers. However, it was not possible to then provide these values as parameters to other "ipmitool sel" commands. These packages include an updated ipmitool whose various "ipmitool sel" commands accept both decimal and hexadecimal ID values as parameters. (BZ#470805)
  • it was not possible to specify a Kg key with non-printable characters on the ipmitool command line. With this update, a Kg key can now be specified as a hexadecimal value using the '-y' command line option. (BZ#479252)
  • the "sensor list" section of the ipmitool(1) man page now describes each columnar value of the command "ipmitool sensors list". (BZ#479702)
In addition, these updated packages provide the following enhancements:
  • new in this OpenIPMI 2.0.16 release is the OpenIPMI-gui package, which contains a GUI that provides a tree-structured view of the IPMI domains it is connected to. (BZ#504783)
  • the "ipmitool sol set" command now checks the values of arguments provided on the command line. (BZ#311231)
  • the ipmitool(1) man page has been updated to include descriptions for these commands: spd, picmg, hpm, firewall, fwum and kontronoem. (BZ#438539)
Users are advised to upgrade to these updated OpenIPMI packages, which resolve these issues and add these enhancements.

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