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1.6.  amanda

1.6.1.  RHBA-2009:1300: bug fix update

Updated amanda packages that fix two bugs are now available.
Amanda is a network-capable tape backup solution.
These updated amanda packages resolve the following issues:
  • the "amtapetype" command had a bug in memory management: an invalid pointer was passed to the free() function. In some circumstances this caused amrecover to fail with a "Extractor child exited with status 2" error. The invalid pointer is no longer passed to free() and amrecover extracts files from a tape backup as expected. (BZ#476971)
  • previously, amanda sub-packages (including amanda-devel, amanda-server and amanda-client) were only required to be the same version as amanda: they did not check that their release was in sync with the base amanda package. This could cause the packages to go out-of-sync and malfunction if an attempt was made to update either the base amanda package or any of amanda's sub-packages. With this update, both the version and release are checked, ensuring all dependent packages remain in sync if either the base package or any sub-packages are updated. (BZ#497111)
Users of amanda should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolves these issues.

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