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1.40.  dmraid

1.40.1.  RHBA-2009:1347: bug-fix and enhancement update

Updated dmraid packages that fix several bugs and add enhancements are now available.
The dmraid packages contain the ATARAID/DDF1 activation tool that supports RAID device discovery, RAID set activation, and displays properties for ATARAID/DDF1 formatted RAID sets on Linux kernels using device-mapper.
This update applies the following bug fixes:
  • The dmraid logwatch-based email reporting feature has been moved from the dmraid-events package into the new dmraid-events-logwatch package. Consequently, systems that use this dmraid feature need to complete the following manual procedure: 1. Ensure the new 'dmraid-events-logwatch' package is installed. 2. Un-comment the functional portion of the "/etc/cron.d/dmeventd-logwatch" crontab file.
  • The sgpio and dmevent_tool applications get installed with the dmraid package now.
  • The drive order for isw RAID01 sets is now identical with the OROM order.
  • Various issues with wrong LED rebuild and metadata states have been fixed.
This update adds the following enhancements:
  • Device Failure Monitoring, using the tools dmraid and dmevent_tool, is now included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 as a Technology Preview. Device Failure Monitoring provides the ability to watch and report device failures on component devices of RAID sets.
  • dmraid now automatically activates device event monitoring for the isw metadata format (Intel IMSM). The dmevent_tool is still available to allow for manual (de)registration.
  • dmraid now supports an "--rm_partitions" option to allow for removing partition devices for RAID set component devices.
  • Activation of isw RAID sets on disks with long serial numbers is now supported.
All dmraid users should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues and add these enhancements.

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