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1.51.  evolution

1.51.1.  RHBA-2009:1260: bug fix update

Updated evolution packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available.
Evolution is the GNOME collection of personal information management (PIM) tools.
These updated evolution packages provide fixes for the following bugs:
  • when adding a new Exchange account, a Mailbox name separate from the user name can now be specified. (BZ#205787)
  • pasting text into an event summary by issuing the Ctrl+V control code did not work as expected. (BZ#208356)
  • running Evolution in a different language caused it to not display certain translations such as "On This Computer", "Personal" and specific calendar and address book names. (BZ#210858)
  • when attempting to import a certificate from the Edit Preferences -> Certificates menu, the subsequent Trust dialog box appeared below the file selector window, forcing users to manually move both windows in order to accomplish the task. (BZ#212206)
  • Evolution crashed due to a segmentation fault when reading certain email messages when accessibility was enabled. (BZ#212481)
  • attempting to import a vCard File containing contacts into a new address book created during the import process failed, and no contacts were imported. All contacts imported in this way are now present in the new address book. (BZ#215470)
  • selecting the "On This Computer" folder and then clicking Folder -> Properties produced no result. The "Properties" menu item is now correctly grayed-out. (BZ#215479)
  • Evolution did not honor the selected day when adding a memo while in calendar view: the user had to manually alter the memo's date afterward. (BZ#217541)
  • searching an address book using the "any field" option when no results were found caused Evolution to display all contacts instead of none. This behavior is now more intuitive: no contacts are displayed when none are found. (BZ#217714)
  • while in Mail view, deselecting a previously-selected group of messages by clicking on one of those selected did not result in that message being shown in the preview pane. (BZ#227710)
  • when accessibility was enabled, specific combinations of calender-viewing actions caused Evolution to crash. (BZ#428817)
  • when starting Evolution for the first time with a German (de_DE) locale, the setup wizard window was too large for some monitors to display. (BZ#432322)
  • dragging-and-dropping messages into the "Personal Folders" caused those messages to be irretrievably lost. Dropping messages into "Personal Folders" is now disallowed. (BZ#437768)
  • Evolution's account editor did not strip whitespace characters in hostnames, which caused a failure to connect when attempting to retrieve email. (BZ#446945)
  • sorting email by subject did not always result in the expected alphabetical sorting. (BZ#449797)
  • the Contact Quick-Add window allowed users to click "OK" without selecting an address book, which did not result in the contact being added to any address book. (BZ#449983)
  • attempting to download Exchange messages for offline use caused Evolution to segmentation fault. Evolution no longer crashes, and downloading Exchange messages works as expected, allowing for offline use. (BZ#472872)
  • it was not possible to create a new folder from the New Search Folder dialog box and related menus. Also, attempting to name a new folder and then clicking the "Create" button caused Evolution to crash under certain circumstances. (BZ#473024)
  • moving an Exchange folder containing subfolders to a different location resulted in the loss of all subfolders and their emails. With this update, all subfolders and their contents are copied or moved correctly and without any loss of data. (BZ#480849)
In addition, these updated packages provide the following enhancements:
  • improved support for CalDAV. (BZ#484252)
  • the cursor now conveniently moves to the new rule when it is created in the "Add Rule" dialog box. (BZ#218539)
Users are advised to upgrade to these updated evolution packages, which resolve these issues and add these enhancements.

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