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1.61.  gcc

1.61.1.  RHBA-2009:1376: bug fix update

A gcc update that resolves several GFortran compiler bugs (along with several other bugs) is now available.
The gcc packages include C, C++, Java, Fortran, Objective C, and Ada 95 GNU compilers, along with related support libraries.
This update applies the following bug fixes:
  • 64-bit multiplication by constant on the x86 platform caused unexpected aborts when compiling code that used 'unsigned long long' variables. This was because the compiler did not check whether CONST_DOUBLE_LOW was positive when multiplying constants. With this update, the compiler now check if CONST_DOUBLE_LOW is positive, ensuring that 'unsigned long long' variables are processed correctly during compiles. (BZ#465807)
  • A bug in the way the GFortran compiler processed unique symtrees could have prevented some valid GFortran code from compiling if the code contained symbols defined by USE and ONLY clauses. Whenever this occurred, the compile attempt would fail with a segmentation fault. This update adds a special function that correctly reconciles symbols with unique symtrees, which resolves this bug. (BZ#483845)
  • Using the -fabi-version=1 option prevented some valid C++ code from compiling. This was because Version 1 of the C++ ABI did not properly substitute template parameters. This release corrects this behavior, adding a function that correctly sets the processing_template_decl to 0 when performing substitutions. (BZ#492011)
  • A bug in the way gcc optimized code could have prevented some samples of valid C code from compiling (resulting in an internal compiler error) whenever the -O1 option was used. This was because during optimized compiles, the C compiler did not properly process bounds; this resulted in incorrect computations for loop iterations. With this update, the compiler now processes bounds correctly, ensuring that valid C code compiles correctly with the -O1 option set. (BZ#490513)
  • The GFortran compiler did not handle FMT= character array arguments properly. This prevented some samples of valid GFortran code from compiling; whenever this occurred, the compile attempt would fail with a segmentation fault. This update adds new functions to correct how FMT= character array arguments are handled, thereby resolving this bug. (BZ#492209)
  • The expand_expr_real_1() function of the C compiler did not handle TRUTH_ANDIF_EXPR and TRUTH_ORIF_EXPR cases correctly. As a result, a compile attempt could fail with an internal compiler error on the PowerPC platform. This update applies an upstream fix for this issue. (BZ#495469)
Users are advised to upgrade to this gcc update, which applies these fixes.

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