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1.75.  grub

1.75.1.  RHBA-2009:1388: bug fix and enhancement update

An updated grub package that fixes a bug and adds an enhancement is now available.
The GRUB utility is responsible for booting the operating system kernel.
This update addresses the following bug:
  • current GCC defaults mean grub is compiled without writable string support. On systems with an XFS file system present on the same controller as the boot disk, this could cause the grub shell to segfault and crash. With this update grub no longer assumes constant strings in the XFS file system driver are writable, obviating the error. (BZ#496949)
And adds the following enhancement:
  • previously, grub-install did not support installing on virtio_blk devices. When attempted it printed the error message "[device path] does not have any corresponding BIOS drive." With this update, support has been added for installing to virtio devices. (BZ#498388)
All grup users are advised to install this updated package, which resolves this issue and adds this enhancement.

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