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1.86.  initscripts

1.86.1. RHBA-2009:1344: bug fix update

The initscripts package contains system scripts to boot your system, change runlevels, activate and deactivate most network interfaces, and shut the system down cleanly.
  • previously, when using the disk encryption feature to encrypt the root filesystem, the following error message was returned on the console when shutting down the system:
    		Stopping disk encryption [FAILED]
    with this update, this message is no longer displayed.(BZ#471944)
  • previously, if a vlan device was a member of a bridge, and the vlan device was removed from the bridge the vlan interface was not removed. With this update, the ifdown script has been updated to remove vlan interfaces if the device is removed from the bridge. (BZ#481557, BZ#463325)
  • in some cases, when network service failed to restart, the /etc/init.d/network initscript would return an incorrect status of "0". With this update, /etc/init.d/network has been modified to return 1 if the service fails to start or if any NIC fails to get an address. (BZ#481002)
  • a bonding device cannot be added to a bridge until at least one slaved ethernet interface has been added to the bridge. Previously, the order of commands in ifup-eth script attempted to add a bonding device prior to the ethernet interface being added. With this update, this issue has been resolved. (BZ#463014)
  • previously, if a suspend or hibernate action did not complete, the "/.suspended" file may have persisted thorough a reboot. Consequently, if the system is rebooted, and another suspend or hibernate action is invoked, the system would fall back to a virtual terminal display. With this update, the rc.sysinit script now removes the "/.suspended" file during the boot sequence, which resolves this issue. (BZ#270861)
  • previously, the ifup-ipsec initscript did not allow the Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) and Authentication Header (AH) protocols to be initialized independently. With this update, configuration parameters are now implemented in ifup-ipsec, allowing these protocols to be activated seperately. (BZ#251494)
  • previously, support for raw devices in the upstream kernel was deprecated. However, this support has been returned to the kernel. Consequently, in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, support for raw devices has also been returned. In this update, the initscripts packages have been updated, allowing rawdevices to again be configured by editing /etc/sysconfig/rawdevices. (BZ#472891)
  • previously, the rc.sysinit script incorrectly handled the clean-up of sub-directories in "/var/run/libvirt/". Consequently, rc.sysinit could not remove the "/var/run/libvirt/network/" and "/var/run/libvirt/qemu/" directories. With this update rc.sysinit now correctly removes these directories. (BZ#505600)
  • previously, the /etc/init.d/network script initialized ipsec tunnels before vlan interfaces. Consequently, route handling traffic was not created between tunneled networks as the tunneled network was not yet configured. With this update, this issue has been resolved. (BZ#481733)
  • The documentation for the /etc/sysconfig/ directory (located at /usr/share/doc/initscript-<version>/sysconfig.txt) has been updated with information about BONDING_OPS. (BZ#472480)
  • previously, ctc and netiucv devices may not have been initialized automatically during boot. With this update, the ifup-ctc and ifup-iucv initscripts have been changed to resolve this issue.(BZ#475721)
  • systems that have both an NFS server and a client with NFS shares mounted, running the "service netfs stop" command will correctly unmount the NFS shares. Previously, however, this command also unmounted "/proc/fs/nfsd", which is required by the NFS server. Consequently, after running this command to unmount NFS shares, clients would be unable to mount shares on the NFS server based on that machine. With this update, the netfs initscript has been updated, resolving this issue. (BZ#481794)
  • previously netfs initialized multiple device (MD) arrays (using the mdadm command) before LVM was initialized. Consequently, an MD array of iSCSI devices would not initialize automatically. With this update, the netfs script has been updated, resolving this issue. (BZ#480627)
  • previously, if a GFS2 filesystem is listed in /etc/fstab, rc.sysinit would fail when attempting to mount the filesystem, as the cluster services had not been not started yet. With this update, the initscripts have been updated to resolve this issue. (BZ#494963)
  • the ifup initscript has been updated to ensure HiperSocket VLAN support is initialized correctly during boot. (BZ#490584)
  • previously, adding networking routes using the system-config-network-gui resulted in the following error message being displayed:
    		/lib/udev/ccw_init: line 31: echo: write error: Operation not permitted
    With this update the initscripts have been fixed, allowing the use of system-config-networking-gui to add network routes. (BZ#484411)
Users are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues.

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