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1.89.  iprutils

1.89.1.  RHBA-2009:1246: bug fix and enhancement update

An iprutils update that fixes a buffer alignment bug and improves the performance of supported SSDs is now available.
The iprutils package provides a suite of utilities to manage and configure SCSI devices supported by the ipr SCSI storage device driver.
This update addresses the following bug and adds the following enhancement:
  • a buffer alignment problem prevented iprconfig from updating disk microcode during I/O. In the block layer, iprconfig incorrectly used malloc() for memory allocation; as a result, buffers in the scatter/gather list were not 512-byte aligned. With this update, iprconfig uses posix_memalign() to properly execute memory allocation, which corrects the buffer alignment problem. This update also applies several other improvements to help ensure that iprconfig can perform disk microcode updates even during heavy I/O. (BZ#452312)
  • this update also applies a firmware enhancement to support dual-shared Active/Active multiplex on SAS adapters. This improves the performance of supported solid-state disks (SSD). (BZ#475362)
Users of iprutils and the ipr driver are advised to apply this update.

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