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1.117.  libX11

1.117.1.  RHEA-2009:1332: enhancement update

An enhanced libX11 package is now available.
libX11 is the X.Org X11 runtime library.
  • The application would hang during SCIM key event handling, specifically when the user attempted to press the F4 key to change focus after typing Japanese characters in a text field. After that, it would not accept keyboard input.
    This was caused by a possible race condition between the client and the input method server.
    As a workaround, the number of available atoms for temporary storage of IM data has been increased. The F4 key should now allow the user to change focus most of the time. The frequency of this bug has been significantly reduced but be aware that it may still be triggered under certain circumstances. (BZ#437790)
  • Fn+F? keys and System Buttons for Dell's Converse and Fila mobile platforms need to be mapped to appropriate actions. When pressed, nothing would happen. xkeyboard-config and libX11 have now been updated to accept input from these keys. These keys will now work when pressed. (BZ#496184)
User should upgrade to the updated package which adds these enhancements.

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