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1.118.  libdhcp

1.118.1.  RHBA-2009:1333: bug fix update

Updated libdhcp packages that fix various bugs are now available.
libdhcp enables programs to invoke and control the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) clients: the Internet Software Consortium (ISC) IPv4 DHCP client library, libdhcp4client, and the IPv6 DHCPv6 client library, libdhcp6client. libdhcp also provides network interface configuration services for network parameter auto-configuration with DHCP.
These updated libdhcp packages fix the following problems:
  • libdhcp did not allow for some situations where a static network configuration was specified. Specifically, when a configuration without a DHCP server was specified during installation, the network interface was not activated. This would preclude installations through FTP and HTTP. Libdhcp now activates the interface when a static configuration is specified, even when no DHCP server is present so that network-based installations are possible. (BZ#233066)
  • previously, the method used by libdhcp to build a list of network interfaces available on a system could accommodate a maximum of 86 interfaces. As a consequence, attempts to perform network-based installations through interfaces eth86 and higher would fail. libdhcp now uses libnl to build a list of valid interfaces and therefore is no longer limited to the first 86 that it finds. Network-based installations are therefore possible on a wider range of hardware and network configurations. (BZ#444919)
    Interfaces using static network configuration are properly handled during installation.
  • The system will now see all available network interfaces in the system during installation, rather than stopping at eth85.
All users of libdhcp are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve this issue.

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