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1.135.  lvm2

1.135.1.  RHBA-2009:1393: bug-fix and enhancement update

Updated lvm2 packages that fix several bugs and add enhancements are now available.
The lvm2 packages contain support for Logical Volume Management (LVM).
This update applies the following bug fixes:
  • Fixes pvmove to revert operation if temporary mirror creation fails.
  • Fixes metadata export for VG with missing PVs.
  • Enables use of cached metadata for pvs and pvdisplay commands.
  • Fixes segfault for vgcfgrestore on VG with missing PVs.
  • Fixes memory leaks in toolcontext error path and mirror allocation code.
  • Ignores suspended devices during repair and allows metadata correction even when PVs are missing.
  • Unifies error messages when processing inconsistent volume group.
  • Fixes multi-extent mirror log allocation when smallest PV has only 1 extent.
  • Attempts to load dm-zero module if zero target needed but not present.
  • Forces max_lv restriction only for newly created LV.
  • Fixes vgreduce --removemissing failure exit code.
  • Always returns exit error status when locking of volume group fails.
  • Fixes mirror log convert validation question.
  • Saves and restores the previous logging level when log level is changed internally.
  • Fixes error message when archive initialization fails.
  • Fixes lvcreate to remove unused cow volume if the snapshot creation fails.
  • Removes old metadata backup file after renaming VG.
  • Avoids scanning empty metadata areas for VG names.
  • Fixes fsadm to pass --test from lvresize and prevents from checking mounted file system.
  • Fixes lvresize size conversion for fsadm when block size is not 1K.
  • Fixes cached volume group metadata to cope with duplicate volume group names.
  • Fixes pvs segfault when pv mda attributes requested for not available PV.
  • Fixes pvs segfault when run with orphan PV and some VG fields.
  • Fixes lvmdump /sys listing to include virtual devices directory.
  • Avoids exceeding LV size when wiping device.
  • Calculates mirror log size instead of using 1 extent.
  • Ensures requested device number is available before activating with it.
  • Fixes incorrect exit status from 'help <command>'.
  • Fixes vgrename using UUID if there are VGs with identical names.
  • Fixes segfault when invalid field given in reporting commands.
  • Copes with snapshot dependencies when removing a whole VG with lvremove.
  • Exits with non-zero status from vgdisplay if couldn't show any requested VG.
  • Fixes minimum width of devices column in reports.
  • Fixes pvs report for orphan PVs when segment attributes are requested.
  • Fixes pvs -a output to not read volume groups from non-PV devices.
  • Fixes and updates to man pages including the restriction on file descriptors at invocation and --nameprefixes, --unquoted, --rows options in pvs,vgs,lvs commands.
  • As well, this update adds the following enhancements:
  • Online resizing of mirrors is now enabled.
  • Adds vgimportclone command to import and rename duplicated volume group (e.g. a hardware snapshot).
  • Adds --dataalignment to pvcreate to specify alignment of data area.
  • Reduces memory usage by using per volume group memory pools.
  • Detects and conditionally wipes swapspace signatures in pvcreate.
  • Adds sparse snapshot devices manipulation, e.g. lvcreate --virtualsize (hidden zero origin).
  • Inherits readahead setting from underlying devices during activation.
  • Adds MMC (mmcblk) device type to filters.
  • Does not scan devices if reporting only attributes from PV label.
  • Adds fsadm support for reszing ext4 filesystems.
  • Adds "--refresh" functionality to vgchange and vgmknodes.
  • Adds lvs origin_size, dev_size, pv_mda_size and vg_mda_size to reports.
Users of lvm2 are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues and add these enhancements.

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