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1.147.  module-init-tools

1.147.1.  RHBA-2009:1362: bug fix update

Updated module-init-tools packages that address several bugs are now available.
module-init-tools is a kernel-related package that provides utilities for automatically loading and unloading drivers, as well as finding out about drivers that are installed on a given Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.
These updated packages fix the following issues:
  • this updated module-init-tools package provides an enhancement that enables module parameters to be read automatically from the kernel command line in the same fashion that built-in kernel modules are handled.(BZ#487395)
  • previously, in some cases, a kernel module package may have installed an older version of an already-installed kernel module. When this occurred, the manner in which the kernel modules were sorted may have resulted in an older version of the module being enabled by default. While the installation of multiple versions of the same kernel module on a system is unsupported, this update provides provides improvements to the sorting of kernel modules so that the highest version is used, which resolves this issue. (BZ#404311)
  • previously, the "weak-modules --add-modules" command created a redundant directory structure in the "weak-updates/" directory. With this update, the "--add-modules" option now creates the same structure as the "weak-modules --add-kernels" command. (BZ#484762)
  • previously, the "modprobe --show-depends" command returned "install" command directives, causing issues with some kernel modules. With this update, the "--show-depends" correctly outputs the "insmod" records, which resolves this issue. (BZ#497923)
  • previously, the man page for depmod (a tool used to generate a list of kernel module dependencies) was missing documentation for the "-a" option. In this updated package, the depmod man page has been amended with the following description of the "-a" option:
    -a --all
      Probe all modules. This option is enabled by default if no file names
      are given in the command-line.
Users are advised to upgrade to these updated module-init-tools packages, which resolve these issues.

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