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1.161.  openhpi

1.161.1.  RHEA-2009:1279: enhancement update

A new version of openhpi that updates the package to version 2.14.0 is now available.
OpenHPI is an open source project created with the intent of providing an implementation of the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI). HPI provides an abstracted interface to managing computer hardware, typically for chassis and rack-based servers.
The updated packages include the newest version of OpenHPI, 2.14.0. OpenHPI 2.14.0 includes multiple features and enhancements added since OpenHPI 2.10.2.
This rebase includes many bug fixes and enhancements, including:
  • Addition of HP BladeSystem c-Class plug-in
  • HP c-Class plugin: additional sensors.
  • HP c-class-Enhancement to add IO and Storage blade support.
  • HP c-Class plugin: add underpinnings for additional management functions.
  • Add entries for HP c-Class plugin pdf documents in
  • Make use of common SSL code HP c-Class Plugin.(BZ#474176)
  • Important enhancements and many bug fixes to the HP c-Class plugin
  • Many bug fixes to the HPI Shell.
  • HPI Shell: Severity fix for announcements added to annunciators.
  • HPI Shell: fix closing session and data display.
  • Added hpi_shell command to obtain version information
  • Enhancements to hpi_shell including a command to reopen a session and to show a single inventory area (thanks to avpak).
  • All HPI clients now report proper OpenHPI and SAF HPI version numbers to aid debugging of problems.
  • OpenHPI Daemon: Hysteresis values are now validated correctly.
  • Allows you to connect to multiple daemons from one client
  • Obscure bug fixed in the daemon - affected IPMI plugin when it didn't find shelf manager initially
  • Add Dimis and Fumis to Simulator plugin.
  • Fix invalid handling of ATCA Led Controls in Manual Mode, IPMI Direct plugin.
  • RTAS plugin build fixes
  • Cross compilation build improvement regarding the number size checks.
  • Creates separate SSL support library for future modularity among plug-ins
  • Added SSL library initialization to HPI initialization
  • Fixed persisted DAT issue - blank alarms
  • HPI-B.03.01 support.
  • A new iLO2 RIBCL plug-in for managing HP ProLiant Rack Mount servers.
  • Fix domain ID reporting in redundant domains with multiple daemon connections.
  • Fix installation of openhpid initscript.
  • Enable redundant domains with multiple daemon connections.
  • Add saHpiEventLogCapabilitiesGet to simulate plug-in.
  • Support change in the OA switchover behaviour.
  • Add man pages for sample openhpi applications.
  • Add documentation for new ilo2_ribcl and oa_soap plug-ins HP ProLiant plug-in
  • Numerous other bug fixes.
For details of these and other changes see the changelogs versions 2.11.0 through to 2.14.0, for which there are links in the References section below.
All users of the openhpi package are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version, which offers these enhancements.

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