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1.163.1.  RHBA-2009:1248: bug fix update

Updated packages that fix various bugs are now available. is an Open Source, multi-platform office productivity suite. It includes key desktop applications, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation manager.
These updated packages fixes the following bugs:
Math would attempt to load an icon that was not a 24-bit image. This would result in a `pBitmap->mnBitCount == 24' warning message. now converts icons into 24-bit bitmaps, and launches successfully. (BZ#456845)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 did not support the '-headless' switch when launching Partly as a consequence, was not configured for the Gnome desktop environment: launching would fail with a 'Can't open display' error. has now been updated to use GTK, and 'ooffice -headless' launches as expected. (BZ#461984)
  • when exporting to a .rtf file, would make adjustments only for the UCS-2 encoding. Consequently, exporting when using the ja_JP locale would result in a .rtf file with erroneous characters. now adjusts for all encodings, and exports to .rtf as expected. (BZ#462055)
  • long lines of Chinese text were not being shortened for the undo tooltip, resulting in an unattractive tooltip. now shortens these lines to be displayed as expected. (BZ#469145)
  • was not checking file paths during the FileRename operation. Identical paths would cause the automated TestTool to crash. now aborts the operation for identical paths, and TestTool runs as expected. (BZ#469302)
  • TestTool had not been updated to use new .odb files. Consequently, some test scripts would fail. TestTool has now been updated to use the new .odb files. (BZ#469321)
  • Euro Converter did not recognize .sxc files, resulting in a conversion failure. Backwards compatibility has now been added and the tool can use .sxc files. (BZ#469330)
  • Draw could not import Metafile images from a shell prompt; doing so would cause Draw to quit. Support for these image types has been improved in, and Draw now imports them correctly. (BZ#469615)
  • the Next button in the Function Wizard was occasionally not being disabled. This resulted in confusing navigation. has been updated to disable the button, making usage clearer. (BZ#469630)
  • numbered lists in HTML files were being imported incorrectly, resulting in a crash. now checks imported numbered lists for irregularities, so HTML files can import successfully. (BZ#469990)
  • the 'refresh this document' property for .odp files was not being set properly. As a result, the property would always be '1 second'. now sets the property correctly, and it updates as expected. (BZ#470210)
  • 'psprint.conf' was not being flagged as a configuration file. As a result, upgrading caused's printer configuration to be overwritten. The spec file now flags the file, ensuring it is not overwritten. (BZ#476221)
  • Tables of Contents in .doc files only cover a maximum of 9 levels, while in files they cover 10. Consequently, files exported to .doc would not import again with the correct levels. has been updated to export with a cut-off of 9 levels, and .doc files now import and export correctly. (BZ#476959)
  • when a print dialog box was closed it would be hidden but not released. The hidden dialog box would continue to poll the CUPS, causing a heavy server load. has been updated to release the dialog box properly to avoid polling the CUPS heavily. (BZ#480369)
  • when opened a document containing tables it did not check how many rows were allowed. This could cause the application to crash. now checks the allowed rows until it reaches the end of the table frame. Documents with tables now open as expected. (BZ#480829) users should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.

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