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1.167.  oprofile

1.167.1.  RHBA-2009:1322: bug fix and enhancement update

An updated oprofile package that adds support for the Java just-in-time runtime environment and fixes an opcontrol bug is now available.
OProfile is a system-wide profiler for Linux systems. The profiling runs transparently in the background and profile data can be collected at any time. OProfile makes use of the hardware performance counters provided on many processors, and can use the Real Time Clock (RTC) for profiling on processors without counters.
This update applies the following fixes:
  • A bug that prevented opcontrol from displaying the 'Parameters' field whenever the --verbose option was used is now fixed. In previous releases, opcontrol incorrectly used the do_init shell function to initialize the VERBOSE variable (which contained the parameter list) to NULL. With this update, opcontrol now uses the do_option shell function to initialize the VERBOSE variable. (BZ#454969)
  • This update also provides support for collecting data on programs using Java runtime environments that support jvmti (Java 1.5.0 and newer). (BZ#474666)
Users of oprofile are advised to upgrade to this update.

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