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1.177.  policycoreutils

1.177.1.  RHBA-2009:1292: bug fix update

Updated policycoreutils packages that fix several bugs are now available.
policycoreutils contains the policy core utilities that are required for the basic operation of a Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) system. These utilities include load_policy to load policies, setfiles to label file systems, newrole to switch roles, and run_init to run "/etc/init.d/" scripts in the proper context.
These updated packages fix the following bugs:
  • when attempting to change contexts, chcat reported invalid argument and insufficient space errors because of a limit to the number of extended attributes that could be included as an argument. This update fixes the issue. (BZ#220813)
  • executing the "semanage port -{a|d|m} [-tr] [-p protocol] port" command failed if SELinux was disabled. This update adds support for selecting a store with semanage so that application policies can be updated when SELinux is disabled. (BZ#316011)
  • genhomedircon could not process a HOME_DIR with a context <<none>>. This condition has been added and the problem has been resolved. (BZ#354361)
  • restorecond.conf did not include definitions for ~/web or ~/www directories. The paths for these directories have been added to restorecond.conf, resolving this issue. (BZ#458687)
  • chcat did not translate category IDs to name strings when a user belonged to multiple categories. chcat and setrans.conf have been modified so that category IDs are translated as expected on all architectures and the error no longer presents. (BZ#459677)
  • clicking on the table header in system-config-selinux network port view should have toggled numerical sorting of values, but did not activate the sort method. This update fixes the sort order action for the ports page. (BZ#468170)
  • policycoreutils did not support the use of "semodule -DB" when removing dontaudit messages. Upstream "semodule -DB" support has been added so that users have a simple mechanism to remove all dontaudit rules while building policies. (BZ#493115)
Users of policycoreutils are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.

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