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1.186. resktop

1.186.1. RHEA-2009:1417: bug fix and enhancement update

An enhanced rdesktop package that fixes a bug is now available.
The rdesktop application is a client for Microsoft Windows NT Terminal Server, Windows 2000 Terminal Services, Windows 2003 Terminal Services/Remote Desktop, Windows XP Remote Desktop, and possibly other Terminal Services products. Currently, the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) version 4 and 5 protocols are implemented in rdesktop.
This update upgrades rdesktop to upstream version 1.6.0, which contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version.
Notably, this updated rdesktop package adds the following enhancements:
  • smart card-enabled login is now supported. (BZ#253307)
  • support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections has been improved. (BZ#253307)
  • support for connecting to Windows Vista hosts has been added. (BZ#459140, BZ#337231)
Also notably, the following bug has been fixed:
  • when using rdesktop to connect to a Windows 2003 Terminal Server, rapid scrolling by the user in the Word or Excel applications caused the screen to refresh incorrectly. Minimizing and then restoring the affected application returned the screen to a correctly-refreshed state. This has been fixed with this updated package so that rapid scrolling does not cause screen refresh issues. (BZ#252023, BZ#218684)
Users of rdesktop are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which adds these enhancements and fixes this bug.

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