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1.192.  rhn-client-tools

1.192.1.  RHBA-2009:1354: bug fix and enhancement update

Updated rhn-client-tools packages that fix several bugs and add enhancements are now available.
Red Hat Network Client Tools provide programs and libraries that allow your system to receive software updates from the Red Hat Network (RHN).
These updated packages fix the following bugs and add the following enhancements:
  • when selecting certificates, rhn_register created backup copies of the original cert each time a wrong cert is choose. (BZ#250312)
  • when scheduling specific errata from the satellite or hosted Web user interface (WebUI), said errata did not get installed during rhn_check due to missing VREA as it took into account only the name. (BZ#464827)
  • when rhn_check processed the action names, the sanity check was fragile for different locales (BZ#467139)
  • running rhn_register on a xen guest caused mmap errors. (BZ#476797)
  • rhn_check, while processing errata scheduled actions, installed extra 32-bit packages as it was ignoring the package architecture. (BZ#476894)
  • rhn-client-tools should now depend on version 2.2.7 or newer of rhnlib. (BZ#487754)
  • the --contactinfo option has been deprecated from the rhnreg_ks utility. (BZ#204449)
  • parsing te_IN locale strings in the registration Graphical User Interface (GUI) caused a TypeError. (BZ#227638)
  • firstboot registration logic was unaware of whether the system is already registered. (BZ#445881)
  • when registration failed in the entitlement page, it should now be able to handle newer entitlement numbers. (BZ#454005)
  • a typo ("receives" should be "receive") in the registration text user-interface (TUI) was corrected. (BZ#466718)
  • the registration TUI should now be able to choose the cert if available in the default location automatically. If not it should prompt users to choose the cert. (BZ#471928)
  • an option to not include network information while registration probes for hardware info is now provided. A new config option called sendNetwork has been added and is turned on by default. (BZ#479706)
  • when haldaemon or messagebus are not running, hardware refresh should warn users that the daemon is not running instead of a generic dmi error. (BZ#491258)
  • registration should not look for cert when using the insecure http protocol. The certificate should only matter when using the secure, https, protocol. (BZ#494928)
  • rhn_register should now be able to identify kvm guests by sending the uuid and virt type to the server through smbios data. The kvm guests will be identified as kvm/qemu upon successfully registration.(BZ#495615)
All Red Hat Network users are advised to install this updated package which addresses these issues.

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