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1.200.  s390utils

1.200.1.  RHBA-2009:1311: bug fix and enhancement update

An updated s390utils package that fixes multiple bugs and adds various enhancements is now available.
The s390utils package contains utilities related to Linux for the IBM S/390 architecture.
This update fixes these bugs:
  • the dasdfmt tool prevented devices with record 0 set in the Define Extent CCW from being formatted, unless the channel program had initially changed the RO. This differed from the expected functionality. The tool has been updated to allow ECKD DASD devices that do not contain a default record 0 to be formatted. (BZ#474157)
  • the /etc/profile.d/s390x.chs profile script was causing tcsh -e scripts to fail because the /sbin/consoletype was returning a non-zero value. The profile script has now been updated to supply a stdout argument that forces consoletype to return 0 in all cases. (BZ#505283)
  • the ziomon tool contained an unsupported upstream patch from the blkiomon package. This resulted in the tool aborting when blkiomon was called by ziomon. The ziomon utility is now updated to use the new blkiomon_stat layout implemented by IBM. ( BZ#506966 )
  • the lsluns tool was incorrectly displaying encrypted disks as unencrypted because the encryption check was performed on the 0x8 bit instead of the 0x80 bit. The lsluns tool now correctly displays the encryption status of the selected disk. (BZ#510032)
And adds these enhancements:
  • the zipl tool prevented customers using a menu configuration file from disabling the automenu unless the -x option was specified. This caused confusion when using the tool, and forced customers to specify an extra option when using the utility. Customers are now able to specify the defaultmenu option, which displays the menu specified in the menu configuration file and disables the automenu. (BZ#486444)
  • with this release, s390utils has been re-based from version 1.8.0 to upstream version 1.8.1. This re-base adds a range of new features, including the iucvterm tool and the zipl tool. Version 1.8.1 also addresses numerous bugs, including BZ#506966 . For details regarding these and other changes see the "Release History" section of the s390utils README file in /usr/share/doc/s390utils-1.8.1/. (BZ#477189)
S390 users should install this updated package which addresses these issues and adds these enhancements.

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