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1.204.  selinux-policy

1.204.1. RHBA-2009:1242

The selinux-policy packages contain the rules that govern how confined processes run on the system.
The selinux-policy package has been updated, providing the following enhanced policy changes for SELinux:
  • samba previously could not directly change a user's password via the passwd program.(BZ#429726)
  • newer versions of the system RAID utilities were previously blocked from logging properly when running SELinux in Enforcing mode.(BZ#475562)
  • the postgrey utility can now operate properly over a network socket.(BZ#479819)
  • the installation of RPM files on the PowerPC architecture is no longer blocked.(BZ#480163)
  • NetworkManager is now permitted to discover the priority of related processes.(BZ#480943)
  • procmail is now permitted to operate with and call the spamassassin application.(BZ#481387)
  • hald is now permitted to send messages via dbus bi-directionally.(BZ#481628)
  • system signals are now permitted to be sent properly to the automount daemon.(BZ#481706)
  • the samba_enable_home_dirs Boolean now allows access to hidden files in home directories.(BZ#484146)
  • the default context for files related to the sysstat package have been corrected.(BZ#485078)
  • procmail now permitted to execute anti-spam daemons.(BZ#485107)
  • samba can now access public_html directories.(BZ#485111)
  • the default label for the sa-learn binary used by spamassassin has been modified to the correct value.(BZ#486187)
  • the building of policies for a low-privileged user is now permitted when using selinux-policy-strict.(BZ#486354)
  • library files for the MATLAB environment are now correctly labelled. (BZ#486965)
  • samba is now permitted to properly rotate log files.(BZ#487021)
  • dbus is now permitted to read parts of the proc file system for its system messages.(BZ#489899)
  • the name service cache daemon no longer unexpectedly restarts due to a lack of search permissions.(BZ#490024)
  • the proc file system is now correctly labelled by the restorecon command.(BZ#492567)
  • search privileges are now granted to dnsmasq (when dnsmasq is launched using libvirt).(BZ#496867)
  • Openswan can now correctly access the Network Security Services libraries.(BZ#497168)
  • autofs now restarts normally when active mounts exist.(BZ#497273)
  • the amanda backup utility can now send all required signals to the system.(BZ#498596)
  • proper operation of xen guests via the virsh utility is now permitted.(BZ#499249)
  • HP printers now properly scan and operate over a network socket.(BZ#499691, BZ#504398)
  • spamd now restarts properly when a HUP signal is issued.(BZ#499701)
  • the clamav-milter binary was previously labeled with an incorrect context, preventing clamd from running in the correct domain.(BZ#500392)
  • setkey_t subjects can now read required files, such as those created by initscripts.(BZ#500395)
  • previously, a SELinux-related file in the selinux-policy-minimum package was unable to be properly installed.(BZ#502182)
  • the state of the qemu_full_network=1 Boolean is now enabled by default.(BZ#504238)
  • TUN/TAP drivers are now given full network socket access.(BZ#504738)
  • the required TCP port is added for the Cyrus IMAP Aggregator (mupdate).(BZ#504805)
  • Host-Guest File Systems under VMware can now be properly mounted.(BZ#504872)
  • iscsi-initiator can now run with full capability without causing denials. (BZ#506057)
  • previously, procmail application may have caused an fsetid denial. (BZ#507712)
  • the connection created by the dblink_connect functionality of PostgreSQL is no longer blocked. (BZ#508348)
  • the Winbind subsystem can now modify Kerberos related configuration files. (BZ#509174)
  • the attributes of the lsmod command have been updated allowing lsmod to properly query the state of kernel modules. 510188
  • the allow_unconfined_mmap_low boolean setting was not properly applied to the unconfined_t domain - even when turned off, unconfined_t processes were still allowed to map low memory pages. Note: Refer to Knowledgebase article DOC-18042 for more information about the handling of the low memory pages mapping restriction on systems with SELinux. (BZ#511143)
  • This update allows objects and processes running in the ipsec_t domain to read files labeled as initrc_exec_t. This is required for the /etc/rc.d/init.d/ipsec file to be launched properly. (BZ#511359)
  • the automount subsystem can now use the winbind mechanism as specified in /etc/nsswitch.conf. (BZ#511927)
  • all files in the /var/vdsm directory have the same SELinux file contexts. (BZ#512301, BZ#513208)
Additionally, minor typographical errors have been fixed in the httpd_selinux, kerberos_selinux, nfs_selinux and rsync_selinux man pages. (BZ#477123)
All users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.

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