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1.217.  system-config-network

1.217.1.  RHBA-2009:1352: bug fix and enhancement update

An updated system-config-network package that fixes two bugs and adds an enhancement is now available.
System-config-network is the user interface of the network configuration tool, supporting Ethernet, Wireless, TokenRing, ADSL, ISDN and PPP.
This updated package adds the following bug fixes and enhancement:
  • previously, the textual user interface (TUI) version of system-config-network contained a reference to the "Primary DSN". This typo has now been corrected to "Primary DNS". (BZ#496307)
  • previously, system-config-network did not set the MACADDR network parameter. The lack of this parameter made it impossible to enable layer 2 interfaces on IBM System z without further manual configuration. The MACADDR parameter has now been added to QETH dialogs and internal structures or system-config-network, enabling the configuration of layer 2 interfaces. (BZ#484289)
  • previously, when system-config-network configured QETH interfaces in textual user interface (TUI) mode, it attempted to set ports whether the hardware existed or not. When the tool attempted to configure non-existent hardware, it would crash. Now, system-config-network tests whether hardware exists before configuring it. This allows users to configure QETH interfaces with the TUI tool without causing a crash. (BZ#507766)
All users are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues and adds this enhancement.

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