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1.238.  watchdog

1.238.1.  RHEA-2009:1327: enhancement update

A watchdog update (re-based to upstream version 5.6) that applies several fixes and enhancements is now available.
The watchdog package provides a user-space application which can be configured to provide updates to a hardware or software watchdog timer via the Linux kernel's watchdog interface.
This version of the watchdog package is now re-based to upstream version 5.6. (BZ#446123)
This re-base several bug fixes and enhancements, including:
  • The watchdog package was missing a required file, MNTTAB. This made it possible for watchdog to crash when the mnt_off() function initiated a shutdown. The missing MNTTAB file is now included with this version, thereby avoiding any possible crashes.
  • /usr/share/doc/watchdog-5.6/examples/ script is now included. This script can be used as a repair binary, which can allow for several test failures before finally rebooting.
  • Several bugs in the wd_keepalive program are now fixed. With this release, wd_keepalive now honors all command line options. In addition, wd_keepalive now requires a watchdog device to be configured properly.
Users of watchdog are advised to upgrade to this new version.

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