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1.243.  xkeyboard-config

1.243.1.  RHEA-2009:1369: bug fix and enhancement update

An xkeyboard-config package that fixes a bug and adds an enhancement is now available.
The xkeyboard-config packages provide the xkeyboard-config alternative xkb data files.
This update fixes the following bug:
  • xkeyboard-config did not specifically recognize IBM Spacesaver keyboards that use a single key for both Num Lock and Scroll Lock. On these keyboards Shift-Scroll Lock is equivalent to the Num Lock keystroke. Since the package did not recognize this equivalence it treated the Shift-Scroll Lock keystroke as other than Num Lock, making this keystroke unavailable. With this update, xkeyboard-config recognizes Spacesaver keyboards and properly handles their particular keyboard layout and keystroke idiosyncrasies. (BZ#442725)
As well, this updated package adds the following enhancement:
the pc105 keyboard model includes a number of multimedia key symbols. These keys are now supported by default. (BZ#432556)
  • Users of xkeyboard-config are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which address this bug and add this enhancement.

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