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1.8. autofs

1.8.1. RHBA-2009:1468: bug fix update


This update has already been released (prior to the GA of this release) as errata RHBA-2009:1468
An updated autofs package that fixes two bugs is now available.
The autofs utility controls the operation of the automount daemon. The automount daemon automatically mounts file systems when you use them, and unmounts them when they are not busy.
This updated package fixes the following two autofs bugs:
* autofs was incorrectly using a non-thread-safe libxml2 function as though it was thread-safe. This sometimes resulted in autofs crashing. With this update the calls to xmlCleanupParser() and xmlInitParser() have been moved: these functions are now only called as autofs starts and exits, ensuring these libxml2 functions are not called more than once while autofs is running. (BZ#523188)
* a recent correction related to autofs master map entry updating introduced a regression whereby it was possible to deadlock when requesting a map re-load when an entry in a direct map had been removed. This update adds a check that ensures such map re-load requests do not cause a deadlock. (BZ#525431)
All autofs users should install this updated package which addresses these issues.

1.8.2. RHBA-2010:0265: bug fix update

The autofs utility controls the operation of the automount daemon. The automount daemon automatically mounts file systems when you use them, and unmounts them when they are not busy.
This updated package fixes the following bugs:
  • If an included map read failed, autofs returned an error and subsequent master map entries were not read. This update reports the failure in the log but master map reading no longer ceases. (BZ#506034)
  • autofs could segfault if it called xmlCleanupParser concurrently from multiple threads, as this function is not re-entrant. autofs has been changed to call this function only once from its main thread, when the application exits. (BZ#513289)
  • autofs could segfault at startup when using LDAP under certain circumstances. autofs would fail to try and retrieve a query dn if:
    • LDAP is being used to store autofs maps and...
    • The LDAP schema to be used for the maps is explicitly defined in the autofs configuration and...
    • No master map entries exist in LDAP.
    This set of conditions would return success instead of failure. This update fixes the get query dn failure. (BZ#572603)
  • If a master map entry is changed in any other way besides the map name (for example, map wide options) the system encountered two application data structures for the "same" map during a map re-read. If the contents of that map has also changed, a deadlock can occur.
    Having the duplicate data structure also caused entries in the problem map to be umounted. Since direct mount maps have a distinct autofs mount for each entry direct mount they appeared to stop working. This update corrects this behaviour. (BZ#514412)
  • autofs would block for several minutes when attempting to mount from a server that was not available. A new mount_wait parameter has been added to prevent this block. This update requires SELinux policy 255 or later. (BZ#517349)
  • The autofs parser objected to locations containing the characters '@' and '#' (Lustre and sshfs mounts) causing the mount request to fail. This update allows autofs to parse these characters and mount successfully. (BZ#520745)
  • Due to an incorrect system call an error message stating "Operation not permitted" would be returned when attempting to mount an unknown hostname. This call has been corrected and autofs now returns "hostname lookup failed" as would be expected. (BZ#533323)
  • A typing error in the usage text of the autofs service script has been corrected. (BZ#534012)
  • When changing the timed wait from using select(2) to poll(2) in the non-blocking TCP connection function, to overcome the 1024 file handle limit of select(2), the wait timeout was not correctly converted from seconds to milliseconds. This update corrects the problem. (BZ#539747)
  • autofs failed to mount locations whose path depended on another local auto-mounted mount. Dependent mounts are triggered by calling access(2) on the mount location path prior to mounting the location. The check for whether a location was a local path was restrictive and didn't cater for all cases. This has now been fixed. (BZ#537403)
  • Inter-operability between autofs and some non-open source LDAP servers was impaired when a SASL authenticated connection was used over muliple bind and unbind operations. autofs has been updated use distinct authentication connection for each server it binds to. (BZ#537793)
  • autofs failed to load its maps if all LDAP servers were down, or unreachable, when the daemon started. The dependency on an LDAP server being available at startup has been removed. This change resolved the issue of the map server being unreachable for some common usage cases. (BZ#543554)
  • The random selection option used with mount locations that have multiple servers was not being set correctly during the paring of master map entries. If specified as a mount option in master map entries the option is now used as has been requested. (BZ#548476)
  • Setting the expire timeout to 0 was causing autofs to constantly schedule expire runs leading to excessive resource usage and preature umounting of mounts. Setting the timeout to 0 should in fact disable expiry of mounts and this update fixes this incorrect behavior. (BZ#548277)
  • autofs would abort when using DIGEST-MD5 authentication under heavy concurrent access. This was caused by autofs not providing the locking functions required by the cyrus-sasl library. In addition the cyrus-sasl library locking functions contained a race which sometimes lead to a deadlock. This update adds the needed locking functions to autofs and passes them to cyrus-sasl at initialization. The bug in the cyrus-sasl library is fixed in cyrus-sasl-lib 2.1.22-5.el5.el5_4.3 and later which is required for the update to install if cyrus-sasl is also installed. (BZ#559430)
All autofs users should upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues.

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