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1.15. booty

1.15.1. RHBA-2010:0185: bug fix and enhancement update

An updated booty package that fixes a bug and adds an enhancement is now available.
The booty package contains a python library which provides an interface for the creation of boot loader configuration files and the addition of stanzas to said configuration files. These boot loader configuration files are used by the anaconda installer.
This updated booty package fixes the following bug:
* early in the installation process, anaconda creates a ramdisk to hold files that it will need to complete the installation. Previously, when installing the debug kernel for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM System z, the ramdisk was larger than the default memory address that ZIPL allocated to hold the ramdisk. Installation would therefore fail. The /etc/zipl.conf file that booty creates for anaconda now explicitly specifies a suitable address for the ramdisk so that ZIPL does not rely on the insufficient default address. With enough space to create the ramdisk, installation succeeds. (BZ#429906)
In addition, this updated package provides the following enhancement:
* previously, there was no way to configure hypervisor parameters during a kickstart installation. Therefore, these parameters would have to be configured manually after installation. Red Hat Enterprise Linux now includes a new option for the "bootloader" command in kickstart, "--hvargs", which sets hypervisor parameters in grub.conf during installation. It is now possible to automate this part of the installation process. Refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Installation Guide for a description of the "--hvargs" option. (BZ#552957)
Users of booty are advised to upgrade to this updated booty package, which resolves this issue and adds this enhancement.

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