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1.17. checkpolicy

1.17.1. RHBA-2010:0184: bug fix update

An updated checkpolicy package that makes a man page correction, fixes help message and man page omissions and allows the unknown access flag to be specified is now available.
checkpolicy is the policy compiler for Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux). The checkpolicy utility is required for building SELinux policies.
This updated checkpolicy package addresses the following issues:
* newer SELinux kernels have access checks that the shipping SELinux policy package does not understand. The kernel currently denies these access checks by default. This updated checkpolicy package can build an selinux-policy package that tells the kernel to "Allow" unknown access. (BZ#531229)
* the checkpolicy man page listed (but did not otherwise document) a "-m" switch. checkpolicy supports a "-M" switch but not a "-m" switch. This update removes the "-m" option from the checkpolicy SYNOPSIS. Note: the "-M" switch was and is documented in the OPTIONS section of the checkpolicy man page. (BZ#533790)
* checkmodule's "-d" switch (which switches the tool to debug mode) was documented in the checkmodule man page but not in the output of checkmodule's help message (ie the output of "checkmodule --help" or "checkmodule -h"). Also, the "-h" switch was not documented at all. With this update, the "-d" switch is now included in help message output and the "-h" switch is documented in both the checkmodule man page and the checkmodule help message. (BZ#533796)
All SELinux users should install this updated package which resolves these issues.

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