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1.18. chkconfig

1.18.1. RHBA-2009:1628: bug fix update


This update has already been released (prior to the GA of this release) as FASTRACK errata RHBA-2009:1628
Updated chkconfig packages that resolve several issues with the alternatives utility and provide various man page corrections are now available.
The basic system utility chkconfig updates and queries runlevel information for system services.
These updated chkconfig packages provide fixes for the following bugs:
* when the "alternatives" utility was run and an error occurred, no contextual information such as the line number of the error was provided. With this update, upon an error, "alternatives" now provides the line number where the error occurred in the relevant file in the /var/lib/alternatives directory, which helps to diagnose alternatives-related errors. (BZ#441443)
* using the "alternatives" utility and selecting the last available option and then uninstalling the program which provided that alternative did not result in the removal of the symbolic links for that option. Because the previously-set alternative was no longer available and the symbolic link remained, the program was then rendered unusable. With this update, when the aforementioned condition is met, the "alternatives" program now recognizes that the program is no longer available and removes the extraneous symbolic link, with the result that the next-best alternative is properly selected, and running the program works as expected. (BZ#525051)
* the chkconfig(8) man page contained a description of the syntax for running chkconfig that differed from the correct description presented when running "chkconfig --help". The man page has been corrected to correspond with the program's help information. (BZ#501225)
* the chkconfig(8) man page contained an incorrect reference to runlevel 7, which does not exist (runlevels extend from 0 to 6, inclusive). This update corrects the man page by removing all references to "runlevel 7". (BZ#466740)
* the ntsysv(8) man page referenced a non-existent man page, servicesconf. This reference has been removed. (BZ#516599)
All users of chkconfig are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.

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