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1.45. elilo

1.45.1. RHEA-2010:0302: enhancement update

An updated elilo package that adds validation checks and error messages to the boot manager is now available.
ELILO is a Linux boot loader for Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI)-based systems, such as those running an Itanium CPU.RHSA-2009:1341
This update add the following enhancement:
* previously ELILO's boot manager, efibootmgr, returned only two error codes: "0" for success and "1" for failure. There are multiple reasons for the boot manager to fail, however, and diagnosing such failures was difficult with only one all-purpose error code. This update adds validation checks and error messages to identify boot manager failures depending upon the error condition encountered. Error messages now returned when efibootmgr fails include "partition is not valid"; "Failed to open extra arguments"; "Invalid hex characters in boot order" and others. (BZ#250327)
All elilo users should upgrade to this updated package, which adds this feature.

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