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1.50. evince

1.50.1. RHBA-2010:0195: bug fix update

An updated evince package that resolves various issues is now available.
evince is a GNOME-based document viewer.
This updated package resolves the following issues:
* fullscreen mode allows a user to view (in a maximized window) just the document and a single navigation toolbar. Previously, the function that handles the timeout of fullscreen mode was only made aware of the window, rather than the workspace. Consequently, if a user switched to a different workspace while fullscreen mode was enabled, the fullscreen toolbar would persist the top of the screen. With this update, the evince fullscreen toolbar no longer remains after changing workspaces, resolving this issue. (BZ#229173)
* when searching for a string in a document, evince may have miscalculated the scope of the search if a string appeared more than once on a single page. Consequently, if a user was stepping though the search results using the "Find Next" button, evince would not step past the page with multiple matches. With this update, evince now correctly searches the whole document, resolving this issue. (BZ#469379)
* previously, evince classified a single error dialog as a full running instance. Consequently, if an instance of evince contained only an error dialog, any document opened would appear that instance. This may have confused users, as documents were displayed in the workspace where the error dialog is located, rather than the current workspace. In this updated package, evince no longer treats a single error dialog as an opened document, resolving this issue. (BZ#504334)
* when rendering a page of a PDF document, evince displays a blank page, with just the text "Loading..." visible until the page is ready to be viewed. Previously, evince was not checking if the drawing area for the loading page could be allocated. Consequently, if a PDF document with large page dimensions was opened evince may have crashed, returning a segmentation fault. With this update, the drawing area for the loading page is now correctly allocated, resolving this issue. (BZ#499676)
All evince users are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues.

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