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1.63. gfs2-utils

1.63.1. RHBA-2010:0287: bug fix update

Updated gfs2-utils packages that fix various bugs are now available.
The gfs2-utils packages provide the user-space tools necessary to mount, create, maintain and test GFS2 file systems.
The updated gfs2-utils packages apply the following bug fixes:
gfs2_edit segfault (BZ#503485) gfs2_edit produces unaligned access (BZ#503530) fsck.gfs2: Message printed to stderr instead of stdout (BZ#506682) gfs2_tool man page incorrectly references gfs2_mount (BZ#514939) GFS2: fsck.gfs2 sometimes needs to be run twice (BZ#500483) "fsck.gfs2: invalid option -- a" on boot when mounting root formatted as gfs2 (BZ#507596) GFS2: gfs2_fsck bugs found in rindex repair code (BZ#514018) GFS2: gfs2_edit fixes for 5.5 (BZ#503529) gfs2-utils fails rebuild test (BZ#515370) gfs2_edit -p block# shows wrong height/offset on gfs1 and segfaults on gfs2 (BZ#506343) fsck.gfs2 unable to fix some rindex corruption for block size < 4K (BZ#520762) GFS2: gfs2_edit savemeta not saving all extended attribute data (BZ#527770) GFS2: fsck.gfs2 should fix the system statfs file (BZ#539337) GFS2: gfs2_edit savemeta bugs (BZ#528786) quota file size not a multiple of struct gfs2_quota(BZ#536902) interrupted rgrp conversion does not allow re-converts (BZ#548585) Conversion of inodes that are of different metatree heights in gfs and gfs2 is incorrect (BZ#548588) Allow fsck.gfs2 to check RO mounted file systems (BZ#557128) GFS2: gfs2_convert should fix statfs file (BZ#556961) gfs2_convert doesn't convert jdata files correctly (BZ#545602) GFS2: fatal: invalid metadata block after gfs2_grow (BZ#546683)
All users of gfs2-utils should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.

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