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1.76. iprutils

1.76.1. RHEA-2010:0229: enhancement update

An enhanced iprutils package is now available.
The iprutils package provides utilities to manage and configure SCSI devices that are supported by the ipr SCSI storage device driver.
This package upgrades iprutils to version 2.2.18, which includes:
* support for the Generation 2 SAS (serial attached SCSI) PCI-E card with SSD (solid-state drive) has been added to systems with the PowerPC 64 architecture. (BZ#512246)
* iprconfig is a utility for configuring and recovering IBM Power RAID storage adapters. The iprconfig utility previously reported an incorrect firmware level for enclosures when called from a command line on systems with the PowerPC 64 architecture. The firmware level was reported correctly in the iprconfig graphical user interface (GUI). The iprconfig utility has been updated to handle SES (SCSI enclosure services) devices the same in both the command line and GUI, and the firmware level for enclosures is now reported correctly. (BZ#532544)
Users with PowerPC 64 systems are advised to upgrade to this updated iprutils package, which adds these enhancements.

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