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1.111. lm_sensors

1.111.1. RHBA-2010:0186: bug fix and enhancement update

Updated lm_sensors packages that fix a bug and add various enhancements are now available.
The lm_sensors package includes a collection of modules for general SMBus access and hardware monitoring.
These updated lm_sensors packages fix the following bug:
* running the "sensors-detect" utility while redirecting input from /dev/null resulted in the following error message: "Use of uninitialized value in pattern match.../usr/sbin/sensors-detect". This spurious error message was caused by the referencing of an uninitialized variable, and has been fixed in this update. (BZ#474383)
In addition, these updated packages provide the following enhancements:
Important: the kernel update for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 includes updated hwmon kernel drivers that are necessary to enable newly-enabled sensor types. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 kernel should therefore be installed along with this update.
* lm_sensors now contains support for the fschmd driver, which means that the FSC Syleus chip is now supported. (BZ#513099)
* the following devices are now supported (BZ#473119, BZ#448223,
Analog Devices ADM1022, ADM1028 and ADM1029 Analog Devices ADT7470 Asus F71882FG and F71883FG FSC Heimdal Fintek F75373S/SG and F75375S/SP Fujitsu Technology Solutions Heracles, Hermes, Poseidon and Scylla Intel Core family thermal sensors Maxim MAX6650 and MAX6651 National Semiconductor LM93 and PC87427 SMSC DMF1737 SMSC SCH3112, SCH3114 and SCH3116 SMSC SCH5027D-NW and SCH5127 Texas Instruments THMC50 VIA VT1211 Winbond W83L786 NR/NG/R/G Winbond W83793 and R/G
Users of lm_sensors are advised to upgrade to these updated packages along with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 kernel update. Doing so resolves this issue and add these enhancements.

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