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1.117. man-pages-ja

1.117.1. RHBA-2009:1630: bug fix update


This update has already been released (prior to the GA of this release) as FASTRACK errata RHBA-2009:1630
An updated man-pages-ja package that fixes documentation errors and typos is now available.
The man-pages-ja package contains Japanese translations of the Linux Documentation Project man pages.
This updated package corrects errors and fixes typos as follows:
* the mkfs man page stated a file system could be built on a device (eg /dev/hda1) or the mount point for the file system (eg /usr or /home). The latter statement is incorrect: a file system can not be built on a file system's mount point. The English language version of the mkfs man page was corrected previously. With this update, the Japanese version has also been corrected. (BZ#486655)
* the Japanese version of the less man page noted the application can identify Japanese character encodings from the LANG environment variable. This is not correct: with older versions of less, when LANG was set to Shift JIS (ja_JP.SJIS) and less was run on a file that contains SJIS mult-byte characters, a "may be a binary file. See it anyway?" message was returned. To run less on files containing SJIS multi-byte characters, in addition to setting the appropriate LANG environment variable, the LESSCHARSET environment variable had to be set to "dos". This update removes documentation related to Japanese-specific features of older version of less (including the details noted above). (BZ#509048)
* the strings command takes a "--byte=min-len" option but the Japanese strings man page presented this option as "-byte=min-len" (ie, with a missing initial hyphen). This error has been corrected. Note: attempting to run strings with, in effect, a "-b" option returns an "invalid option -- b" error, along with help text noting the "--bytes=[number]" option. (BZ#515467)
* the chgrp command's "--dereference" option is the default, and is documented as such in the English languae chgrp man page. Previously, however, the Japanese translation erroneously listed "-h" or "--no-dereference" as the default. This error has been corrected and the Japanese chgrp man page now correctly lists "--dereference" as the default option. BZ#527638
* the SOCKET OPTIONS section of the ip man page listed IP_MULTICAST_IF as taking ip_mreqn or ip_addr arguments. This is incorrect: IP_MULTICAST_IF takes arguments with ip_mreqn or in_addr structures. This update corrects the error. Note: the same error was present in the original English man page. The English-language error was corrected in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 via the man pages bug fix update, RHBA-2009-1574. (BZ#537103)
* the previous release of man-pages-ja contained an older version of the hostname man page which did not document all available command options. This has been corrected: this new man-pages-ja release includes an up-to-date man page which documents all of the hostname command's options. (BZ#533782)
* the elvtune command is deprecated for Linux kernel version 2.6 and it is not shipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. the elvtune man page was still included in the man-pages-ja package, however. With this update, the elvtune man page has been removed to avoid confusion. (BZ#519707)
All man-pages-ja users should upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues.

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