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1.118. mcelog

1.118.1. RHBA-2010:0247: bug fix update

An updated mcelog package that restricts mcelog operation on para-virtualized guests running under the Xen hypervisor is now available.
mcelog is a daemon that collects and decodes Machine Check Exception data on AMD64- and Intel 64-based systems.
This update addresses the following issue:
* in some circumstances, mcelog can run on para-virtualized guest operating systems (domU) running under the Xen hypervisor (dom0). This results in near 100% cpu usage on the guest, with the mcelog process blocking all other proccesses. This update adds a check to /etc/cron.hourly/mcelog.cron: if the check finds it is running on a para-virtualized guest, it exits, ensuring mcelog does not execute in such circumstances. (BZ#522827)
All mcelog users should install this this new mcelog package, which adds the check to resolve this issue.

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